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Ted R Clark is the author of Resident Readiness Emergency Medicine (2014).

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Resident Readiness Emergency Medicine

release date: Mar 22, 2014
Resident Readiness Emergency Medicine
ARE YOU READY? GET RESIDENT READY. Resident Readiness: Emergency Medicine prepares you for success during your emergency medicine internship. Inside is a full range of clinical scenarios you may experience during your emergency medicine residency, supported by comprehension questions with detailed answer explanations and tips to remember. You will also learn the clinical problem-solving process so you can think quickly on your feet, especially when time is critical. With this book's step-by-step guidance, you will gain the confidence you need to perform at your best on Day One of your residency. Beyond treating your patient, Resident Readiness prepares you to: Build a framework for an efficient approach to ED patient care Recognize life-threatening presentations Prepare for critical care challenges Build a solid foundation in EMS and Ultrasound Provide appropriate discharge planning and follow up from the ED

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