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Thomas J Anderson is the author of The Value of Debt in Divorce (2016).

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The Value of Debt in Divorce

release date: Sep 28, 2016
The Value of Debt in Divorce
It?s a truism that couldn?t be truer: both parties to a divorce inevitably end up substantially poorer than when they were married. With U.S. divorce rates near all-time highs (and among the highest in the world), The Value of Debt in Divorce will provide ideas, strategies, and case studies for maximizing post-divorce wealth?making the pie bigger?for everyone involved (husband, wife, and any children). Topics to be discussed will include: Debt strategies for individuals and professionals in divorce Defensive strategies and perspectives Holistic thinking including better ways to divide the pie using debt Ways to position one?s life after the divorce, e.g., understanding one?s new post-divorce debt ratio and where future funds should go How to pay for new ?stuff? after divorce, from cars and appliances to children?s education and vacations Same sex marriage issues Comparative case studies showcasing the advantages of embracing debt

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