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Tom Lissauer is the author of Self-Assessment in Paediatrics E-BOOK (2021).

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Self-Assessment in Paediatrics E-BOOK

release date: Oct 19, 2021
Self-Assessment in Paediatrics E-BOOK
This is an indispensable companion to the ‘Sunflower book’ – the highly acclaimed Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics (6th Edition). It is essential for those who wish to test or improve their learning, or for exam revision for undergraduate or early postgraduate speciality exams. It includes high quality questions, some including images or diagrams, on important topics covering the paediatrics and child health curriculum. Explanations about both correct and incorrect answers are provided. The authors are highly experienced examiners and question writers, ensuring that the questions are similar to those encountered in exams or help explain difficult topics. Over 250 Single Best Answer questions Over 200 question stems for Extended Matching questions Explanations provided not only of the correct but also of incorrect answers Clinical photographs included to ask questions about clinical signs

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