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Tommy LaMore is the author of One Man's War (2002).

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One Man's War

release date: Feb 18, 2002
One Man's War
Escaping certain death—not once but several times—lies at the core of the riveting, real-life story of an American soldier during World War II. In One Man's War: The WWII Saga of Tommy LaMore, a B-17 pilot vividly details his experiences in war-ravaged Germany, from the horrific to the romantic and beyond. LaMore's saga began when his plane collided with another B-17 above France and went down. He then entered the French Resistance, where he employed his knowledge of explosives to bomb German operations. After an informant turned him in, he faced a death sentence and was sent to a Polish death camp. LaMore endured the camp's gruesome conditions and eventually escaped, just days before the Germans machine-gunned every man in the camp. LaMore's love story unfolds as he describes liberating a women's slave labor camp and instantly falling in love with one of the detainees. LaMore chopped off her hair, dressed her like a man, and freed her from the camp. After just three days together, the couple agreed to marry once Rosa checked on her family's well being in Poland. They jumped separate trains and never saw each other again. Years later, LaMore learned that Rosa had become a freedom fighter against the Communists and had been executed. Intrigue, passion, and loss imbue LaMore's fascinating tale and make One Man's War a compelling read not only for history aficionados and WWII scholars but also for those who are fascinated by the bittersweet nature of love in times of war.

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