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Tu Xiaofei is the author of Japanese Idols Go to China (2022).

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Japanese Idols Go to China

release date: Jan 01, 2022
Japanese Idols Go to China
This book situates the Chinese acceptance of Japanese popular culture, specifically the intriguing and sometimes awkward relationship between the "idol" groups AKB48 and SNH48, within the broad context of nationalist ideology and international relations in East Asia. It aims to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the reader about contemporary East Asian cultural exchanges and nationalist expressions in concrete forms. Additionally, this book attempts to discover heretofore overlooked aspects of nationalism's metamorphosis in both China and Japan and challenge the existing scholarly and popular understandings of nationalism. By interrogating the nationalism factor in popular culture in Chinese and Japanese contexts, this books concludes that popular culture fandom can both be a culprit in promoting hegemonic political ideologies and serve as a potential antidote.

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