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V B Eghan is the author of The First Time Revisited (2015).

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The First Time Revisited

release date: Apr 14, 2015
The First Time Revisited
The Erotic fantasy of a threesome is whispered in bedrooms around the world. Each story here, is a new adventure in that world. Perhaps it is something you are interested in. Read these stories and 'feel' how you like them. Vanessa tells of her Birthday that transitioned her from nudist to swinger. Writner tells of her & her boyfriend picking up a stranger at a local swinger club. Kat tells of her lust for her boyfriend's BFF & bringing him into the mix. Cassidy is a kinky introvert with the hots for her female friend, which her new boyfriend brings home for her. Koshiol gives a hot story of her first time in a threesome...of all women. Look for a BONUS story inside too. Told by 89 year old Cody. 5 stories (plus 1) that are each very unique. You will find light touches of bondage, voyeurism, dominance, lesbians, and Threesomes of all kinds, filled with LOTS of sex.

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