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VR Duin is the author of Little Ray and Shark Patch Things Up (2012).

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Little Ray and Shark Patch Things Up

release date: Jul 01, 2012
Little Ray and Shark Patch Things Up
A little stingray is playing in the water as his boating friends delight in watching from their boat. When a menacing bull shark mistakes all the commotion for a yummy lunch, however, it sets off a chain of events that results in the unlikeliest friendship on the seven seas. A wildly imaginative and engaging tale, V.R. Duin''s latest in the Little Ray series keeps the adventures exciting and the positive energy flowing!Little Ray is not only a fish but a little ray of sunshine as well. Today he''s entertaining his boating friends as they watch him from their boat. Doing flips, curls, and all sorts of aquatic tricks only a talented stingray can, his underwater circus show is a huge hit. But it also attracts unwanted attention: a bull shark thinks the commotion means it''s feeding time!When the boat suddenly springs a leak as part of the ruckus, Little Ray''s friends are in a terrible pickle. They are bailing with pump and pail as quick as can be, but the water is coming in too quickly. How can they stop it? What are they going to do? That''s when Little Ray has a really big idea. What happens? What does he do? You won''t believe your eyes—or ears or nose or mouth! The unlikeliest team of heroes has saved the day—and made the seven seas the happiest place on earth!

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