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Victoria Alex is the author of Camp Woolybooger (2021).

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Camp Woolybooger

release date: Oct 26, 2021
Camp Woolybooger
When Dad keeps talking about his favorite camping experience as a child, his two children are not impressed. Brayden thinks his dad, a biologist, is a dork for always spouting information about his studies of endangered species. While their friends are attending equestrian and soccer camps during the summer, Dad has planned a trip into the mountains of southeastern Kentucky to Camp Woolybooger. They can't imagine a worse thing to happen to them over summer break, knowing their teacher will want them to write about their summer adventure when they return to school in the fall. Their attitude about their dad, the camp, and many other things changes dramatically when Araya gets lost in the woods with dangers surrounding her. In the end, Araya and Brayden must decide whether to tell anyone else what really happened at Camp Woolybooger, or like Dad, keep it to themselves. It turns out that Dad isn't such a dork after all.

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