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W Royce Adams is the author of Against the Current (2020).

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Against the Current

release date: Jul 13, 2020
Against the Current
What to do with a bunch of short anecdotes, drabble, fables, feghoots, and mini-sagamusings written over time and more or less useless to anyone- even to oneself? Put them all together and burn them is one warm thought, since no publisher would agree to publishing them as a collection. Another thought is to pretend someone (god knows who) might be interested in reading one or two pieces out of inane curiosity. But which one or two? Well, combine them, and let that curious "someone" pick which ones to read. So why not bind them into a book? It would then supply more space on my computer for writing worthier musings.So I'm putting these efforts (yes, I did put effort into these, for better or worse) into a collection so that it can position itself on an invisible shelf somewhere in the ether waiting for that "someone."

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