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Wendy Lombardi is the author of Natural Parasite Control for Livestock (2021).

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Natural Parasite Control for Livestock

release date: Apr 13, 2021
Natural Parasite Control for Livestock
Everything You Need to Know about Natural Parasite Control for Livestock, All in One Place! This concise book is loaded with valuable information about ridding livestock of their unwanted guests. Whether you're raising sheep, pigs, horses, cows, chickens, goats, or other farm animals, this book will teach you how to keep them healthy and parasite-free through organic systems and without the use of harsh chemicals. It includes easy-to-follow scientific explanations, and provides research-based practices that really work. Internal parasite control can be accomplished naturally 1) through environmental modifications, 2) by producing and using easy-to-grow & harvest anti-parasitics, and, 3) by understanding the life-cycles and road blocks of internal parasites. In this practical guide you will learn about: Parasites, hosts, and lifecycles How to develop a working pasture rotation system How to create healthy pastures and clean watering systems Administering natural antiparasitics Growing, collecting, and processing natural and herbal antiparasitics And more! This is a necessary reference manual for all sustainable, natural, animal-husbandry endeavors!

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