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William B Stedman is the author of Deception (2010) and Korea (2001).

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release date: Feb 01, 2010
Mike could never have known what was about to go down. His wife, the sweet Good Will volunteer? Turns out she was actually a scheming seductress-with a gun. When the case goes to court, will juror number twelve figure out what is really going on? Find out if the webs we weave can ever be fully untangled in William B. Stedman's two-part court thriller, Deception. I was so pleased to read this latest book by author William B. Stedman. Not just because of his wit and humor but because of his search of responsibility, professionalism, and justice in the court system. This book will be a stunning example of the failure of that system. This book holds the expectation of being scripted for the big screen. -Mrs. Corinne Rider, ret. court clerk, Florida.

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