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William J Doherty is the author of The Ethical Lives of Clients (2021).

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The Ethical Lives of Clients

release date: Oct 19, 2021
The Ethical Lives of Clients
Clients often come to therapists for assistance with ethical dilemmas, so this casebook provides therapists with the skills and knowledge they need to be effective ethical consultants while respecting client autonomy. Bill Doherty blends decades clinical experience with deeply personal and philosophical experience and uses detailed case examples to form a roadmap for other psychotherapists to follow. He outlines a framework for addressing clients'' moral quandaries: the LEAP-C model, which applies traditional therapeutic skills of listening, exploring, affirming, and offering perspective, as well as challenging clients to recognize ethical issues they don''t perceive. Doherty addresses specific types of ethical dilemmas, such as keeping and ending commitments, having affairs, lying and deceiving, and causing psychological or physical harm to others. His guidelines incorporate a pluralistic view where therapists help clients balance their personal needs with their sense of responsibility for others. He also explores how psychologists and others can serve as citizen therapists who lend their expertise as consultants to help solve larger societal concerns, such as political polarization and police-community relations.

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