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Yumi Heo is the author of Sun and Moon Have a Tea Party (2020) and The Green Frogs (2004).

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Sun and Moon Have a Tea Party

release date: Jul 14, 2020
Sun and Moon Have a Tea Party
In this perfect bedtime read, the sun and moon argue with each other about what happens during the day and night. Sun and Moon sit down for a tea party, but they soon find out that they see the world very differently. Moon says moms and dads get their kids ready for bed, while Sun says no, they get their children ready for school. So who's right? Well, as the two come to find out, they both are. With the help of Cloud, a gentle mediator, each stays up past their bedtime and sees the world from the other's incredible point of view. Perfect for sleepy listeners, here is a charming young picture book that will also help children see the world from different perspectives.

The Green Frogs

release date: May 25, 2004
The Green Frogs
Like most rebellious children, the green frogs in this Korean folktale love to disobey their mother. What-ever she asks them to do, they do the opposite . . . until their bad habit lands them in trouble.

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