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release date: Jun 03, 2014
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If Animals Kissed Good Night

If animals kissed
like we kiss good night,
Giraffe and his calf
would stretch their necks high
and kiss just beneath
the top of the sky.

In a cozy bedtime chat with her mom, a young girl wonders how animal families might say good night. Would Wolf and his pup "kiss and then HOWL"? Would Bear and her cub "kiss and then GROWL"? But what about Sloth and her baby? They move soooo slooowwwww . . . they're sure to be kissing from early evening until long after everyone else is fast asleep!

With whimsical art and playful rhyming verse, this picture book is now in board book format for the first time, perfect for bedtime snuggles.

release date: Jun 02, 2009
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Writing Picture Books: A Hands-On Guide from Story Creation to Publication
Picture book author Ann Whitford Paul provides the background knowledge necessary to write picture books, which will appeal to editors, agents and children. Topics covered include researching the picture book market, creating characters, point of view, plotting and tips on writing rhyme.
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release date: Sep 01, 2005
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Manana, Iguana
!Caramba! Iguana is planning a fiesta. Tortuga the tortoise, Gonejo the rabbit, and Gulebra the snake all want to come. But do they want to help Iguana deliver invitations or stuff the pinata or cook the food? No, no, and no! A lazy trio loses out in this clever update of the story of the Little Red Hen with a Mexican twist. A glossary of Spanish words is included.
release date: Dec 15, 2009
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Fiesta Fiasco
There is another desert party in the works in this spicy companion book to Mañana, Iguana. This time it is Snake’s birthday, and Iguana, Tortoise, and Rabbit are shopping for birthday gifts to bring to his fiesta. But what presents should they buy for Snake? In a sneaky twist, Rabbit convinces them to buy gifts that aren’t for Snake at all―but for him! With a clever text, a spattering of Spanish vocabulary. and lively illustrations, this author-illustrator team presents quite the fiesta fiasco. Glossary included.
release date: Jun 01, 2010
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Count on Culebra: Go From 1 to 10 in Spanish
A companion to the popular Manana, Iguana that teches how to count in spanish. When Iguana stubs her toe, Doctor Culebra comes to the rescue. But his suggestions sound a little loco to everyne else. How will tying un rolling pin and dos kettles to Iguana's tail make her better? And more importantly, will Iguana feel well enough to make her cactus butter dulces? The extremely popular "Manana, Iguana" has sold and reprinted quickly, and Ann Whitford Paul and Ethan Long's previous titles have received much praise.
release date: Oct 18, 2014
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Hello Toes! Hello Feet!
This playful ode to toes and feet celebrates all the things you (and your feet) do in a day. The adventures of one little girl described in exuberant verse and depicted in delightful watercolor illustrations will make you want to join in too.
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release date: Jan 21, 2020
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Fiesta Fiasco Book and Audio CD Set (Paperback Book and Audio CD)
The four friends from Mañana, Iguana -- Conejo (a rabbit), Iguana, Culebra (a snake), and Tortuga (a tortoise) -- return for another adventure, this time to celebrate Culebra's birthday. Conejo convinces his pals to buy gifts according to his own taste, and not according to what their friend might like. Poor Tortuga ends up buying a shirt, Iguana gets a sombrero, and Conejo chooses a pair of pants. Conejo puts on each item as the snake explains that he can't use the clothes and the three friends finally figure out what the rabbit has done. They send him off without playing any party games like Pin the Tale on the Coyote and Musical Rocks. Conejo makes amends by returning with the gifts that Culebra really would like and the four reconcile. The text is peppered with Spanish words defined in a glossary in the front of the book. A fiery palette enlivens the simple cartoon artwork set in the desert. The scenes are fun to look at, such as the cacti sporting balloons as fiesta decorations and the boom box belting tunes. A welcome addition to most libraries.
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release date: Oct 21, 2004
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Little Monkey Says Goodnight
Cheeky Little Monkey isn't ready for bed yet - he wants to say "Good night" to everyone first! "Come, Little Monkey," Daddy Monkey says. "It's time for bed." But Little Monkey shakes his head, "First I need to say good night." And off he goes to the Big Top tent, tumbling his way through the circus, as he says good night to the Ringmaster, the clowns, and even the growly Lion! Little Monkey bounces his way into more and more mischief before saying his last and very special good night.
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release date: Apr 07, 2003
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Little Monkey Says Good Night
Never has saying good night been so much fun

Before he goes to bed, Little Monkey insists that he has to say good night to all the performers under the Big Top tent: Ringmaster, Elephant, Strong Man, the Clowns, and, of course, Mama. In the process he becomes part of the performance himself – until finally even Little Monkey can’t delay bedtime any longer, and there is only one last good night to be said – “Good night, Me!”

Pictures packed with funny antics, whimsy, and affection capture all the charm of Little Monkey – while this simple, playful text will have even the youngest listeners chiming in with their own “Good Night!”
release date: Oct 17, 2017
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If Animals Said I Love You

This companion to the successful If Animals Kissed Good Night (over 200,000 copies sold!) imagines how animals would say “I love you.”

If animals said “I love you” like we do…how would they say it? Whale would make bubbles shoot from her spout. Boa would give her hatchlings a hug. Gorilla would snuggle his child to sleep. And across the animal kingdom, every creature would show love in a special way. Ann Whitford Paul and David Walker are back with If Animals Said I Love You, a sweet imagining of love in the animal world.

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