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release date: Jul 15, 1987
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Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
The perennially popular tale of Alexander’s worst day is a storybook that belongs on every child’s bookshelf.

Alexander knew it was going to be a terrible day when he woke up with gum in this hair.
And it got worse...
His best friend deserted him. There was no dessert in his lunch bag. And, on top of all that, there were lima beans for dinner and kissing on TV!
This handsome new edition of Judith Viorst's classic picture book is sure to charm readers of all ages.
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release date: Aug 01, 1998
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Alexander, Who's Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move
Alexander is not going to leave his best friend Paul. Or Rachel, the best babysitter in the world. Or the Baldwins, who have a terrific dog named Swoozie. Or Mr. and Mrs. Oberdorfer, who always give great treats on Halloween. Who cares if his father has a new job a thousand miles away? Alexander is not -- Do you hear him? He Means it! -- going to move.
Alexander's back, facing another of childhood's trials and tribulations with Judith Viorst's trademark humor and keen sense of what's important to kids.
release date: Feb 01, 1978
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Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday
Anthony has two dollars and three quarters and one dime and seven nickels and eighteen pennies. Nicholas has one dollar and two quarters and five dimes and five nickels and thirteen pennies.
Alexander has...bus tokens.
And even when he's rich, pretty soon all he has is bus tokens.
He was rich. Last Sunday.
Grandma Betty and Grandpa Louie came and gave Anthony and Nicholas and Alexander each a dollar. Alexander was saving his. Maybe for a walkie-talkie.
And then there was bubble gum, some bets with Anthony and Nicholas (that Alexander lost), a snake rental, a garage sale, and all kinds of other things to spend money on.
And now all he has is bus tokens. When he used to be rich last Sunday.
release date: Oct 01, 1997
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Absolutely, Positively Alexander
First published in 1972, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day introduced to the world a feisty young hero who soon captured the hearts of a generation. Since then Alexander has returned in Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday and Alexander, Who's Not (Do you hear me? I mean it!) Going to move, and his position as a classic character in children's literature is assured. Alexander is everyone's favorite boy, struggling against those obstacles that seem to get in the way of growing up, with the most formidable ones being his siblings. Here, all three Alexander stories are combined in one book -- a perfect way for Alexander to be introduced to a whole new generation of certain fans.
release date: Oct 31, 1989
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Alexander Y El Día Terrible, Horrible, Espantoso, Horroroso
Alexander se dió cuenta de que iba a ser un día terrible couando se despertó y se encontró chicle en el pelo. Y aun fue peor...
Su mejor amigo lo abandonó. No ten ía postre en su bolsa del almuerzo. ¡Y para colmo, había habas verdes en la comida y besos en la televisión!
Este cuento clásico de Judith Viorst, ahora en español, será sin lugar a duda del agrado de los lectores de todas las edades, como lo ha sido hasta ahora.
release date: Apr 14, 2017
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Dreamtime At Stepping Stones
The Wit and Wisdom of 14 Five-Year-Olds.
This book was written by 14 Five-Year-Olds, who each dictated a dream they had. The stories range from fantastic adventures to zombies and pirates.

We hope you enjoy the book, and give words of encouragement to these young authors in the review section below.
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release date: Jul 19, 1999
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Felita's parents promise she will love their new neighborhood. Only Abuelita, her grandmother, understands how much Felita will miss her old block, and her best friend Gigi. But her new neighbors taunt and tease Felita and her family because they are from Puerto Rico. First published twenty years ago, Felita's compelling story has resonance for kids today.

"An honest, realistic view of an important aspect of contemporary American life." --The Horn Book

release date: Oct 31, 1989
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Alexander, que era rico el domingo pasado
El domingo pasado, los abuelitos de Alexander le dieron un dólar. ¡Era rico! ¡Había tantas cosas que podí hacer con todo ese dinero!
Podí comprarse todos los chicles que deseaba, o quizá un radiotrsmisor, si ahorrara suficiente dinero. Pero, de alguna manera, el dinero empezó a desaparecer...
Esta edició en español de uno de los libros más populares de Jusith Viorst encantará a los lectores de todas las edades.
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release date: Feb 01, 1980
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You Think It's Fun to Be a Clown!
Describes in rhymed text some of the disadvantages of being a clown.
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release date: Feb 17, 2020
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The Gorilla Did it
Summary: A gorilla not only wakes a little boy up, but it messes up his room and makes his mother angry.
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