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release date: Sep 04, 2017
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Big Words for Little Geniuses
There's no "gobbledygook" in this clever, New York Times bestselling picture book by James and Susan Patterson, with each letter of the alphabet providing a sophisticated word and definition for "Lilliputian" children to learn. Adults will appreciate the "juxtaposition" of young kids properly using impressive words that many grownups may not have heard of before! Includes a list of extra words in the back for further learning.

Delightfully whimsical artwork by artist Hsinping Pan brings these big words to life, making this early foray into learning fun for all.
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release date: Jul 29, 2005
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Introduction to the American Legal System (8th Edition)
Appropriate for courses in Paralegal, Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, Poltical Science, and Pre-Law, any course that requires a brief introduction to the legal system. Affordable, concise, and newly designed, the Eighth Edition of Introduction the American Legal System describes the structure of the American legal system, the criminal justice system, and the federal courts in a straightforward and accessible style. Known for its clear explanations of basic legal concepts, this text provides concrete examples in the substantive areas of torts, contracts, real property, wills and intestate succession and legislation. It offers an overview of the judicial process from beginning to end and includes an extensive glossary of terms. In addition to its competitive price, this edition features new photographs and illustrations, timely sections on international and military law, information on federal tribunals with exclusive jurisdiction, and important Internet links throughout.
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release date: Mar 02, 2015
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Reading Feminist Theory: From Modernity to Postmodernity
Reading Feminist Theory: From Modernity to Postmodernity interweaves classical and contemporary writings from the social sciences and the humanities to represent feminist thought from the late eighteenth century to the present.

Editors Susan Archer Mann and Ashly Suzanne Patterson pay close attention to the multiplicity and diversity of feminist voices, visions, and vantage points by race, class, gender, sexuality, and global location. Along with more conventional forms of theorizing, this anthology points to multiple sites of theory production--both inside and outside of the academy--and includes personal narratives, poems, short stories, zines, and even music lyrics. Offering a truly global perspective, the book devotes three chapters and more than thirty readings to the topics of colonialism, imperialism and globalization. It also provides extensive coverage of third-wave feminism, poststructuralism, queer theory, postcolonial theory, and transnational feminisms.

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release date: Jul 01, 1998
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Rural Hours

Rural Hours (1850) is one of the earliest pieces of American nature writing and the first by a woman. This new edition, the only printing of the full original text since 1876, restores passages excised by the author for an 1887 edition.

The daughter of the novelist James Fenimore Cooper, Susan Fenimore Cooper (1813-1894), uses narratives and descriptions of her walks and excursions to reveal her ideal society as a rural one, carefully poised between the receding wilderness and a looming industrialization. She theorizes that knowledge of place causes people to approach the land humbly and gratefully and asserts the necessity of establishing a society that is sustainable in the natural world and that sees a moral obligation to deepen knowledge of the natural history of the environment.

release date: May 07, 2005
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Texas Courts (8th Edition)
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release date: Oct 17, 2008
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Becoming God's True Woman

A charge to women to recover what the feminist revolution has robbed them of: the God-given beauty, wonder, and treasure of their distinctive calling and mission.

The feminist revolution was supposed to bring women greater fulfillment and freedom. Yet women today feel anything but fulfilled and free because they have lost the distinctiveness and richness of their calling as women.

Now a movement is spreading seeds of hope, humility, obedience, and prayer-a call to return to godly womanhood-and its truth will resound in the hearts of readers through the powerful messages of Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Susan Hunt, Mary Kassian, Carolyn Mahaney, Barbara Hughes, P. Bunny Wilson, and Dorothy Patterson. Though each author approaches the subject of godly womanhood differently, a thread runs throughout that will instill joy and delight at the greatness of God's created order and the part he wants women to play in his grand, redemptive plan. Includes a study guide.

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release date: Oct 17, 2020
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Inflammation Erased
Dog eared pages.
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release date: Mar 01, 2012
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A Daily Women's Devotional (Navpress Devotional Readers)
As pastors’ wives, the authors of this devotional personally have experienced or witnessed the issues with which women struggle: identity, marriage, children, work. Reading this devotional is like having a conversation with a trusted friend who knows what you are going through. Over 52 weeks, these authors share from their hearts using engaging Scriptures, real-life inspiration, and practical wisdom they have learned along the way. Each week focuses on one theme, and daily devotions include Scripture and a prayer.
release date: Sep 12, 2005
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State Houses: America's 50 State Capitol Buildings

A magnificent celebration of America's state capitol buildings.

These glorious buildings are, in the author's words, "the homes of history," where laws are passed, where democracy is enacted, where history is written. Though each state capitol bears some similarity to the other forty-nine, each in its architecture and design reflects uniquely the pride of its state, both culturally and historically.

For this unprecedented project, photographer Tom Patterson traveled to each of America's fifty state capitals to capture the architectural beauty and dignity of its capitol building in glorious large-format color images.

Writer Susan W. Thrane reveals fascinating details about each capitol building's beginnings:

  • the events surrounding construction
  • background on its architects and builders
  • dimensions and costs
  • primary features and main rooms
  • unique furnishings and works of art.

The book also discusses important moments in the history of each building and the state itself, including:

  • the origin of the state's name
  • its capital city
  • when the state was admitted to the Union, and
  • the number of members in its legislative bodies.

release date: Nov 26, 2001
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The Manual of Museum Exhibitions
The Manual of Museum Exhibitions is a practical, hands-on, comprehensive guide to the entire process of planning, designing, producing, and evaluating exhibitions for museums of all kinds. Conceived, organized, and edited by Gail and Barry Lord, this invaluable book includes contributions by masters of each step in the complex art of museum exhibition-making. Subjects range from traditional displays of art, artifacts, and specimens from the permanent collection to the latest developments in virtual reality, online exhibitions, simulators, and big-screen reality. An exciting array of stimulating case studies featuring outstanding museum exhibitions from both sides of the Atlantic makes this manual all the more valuable to practitioners and students of the museum profession, architects, designers and the many specialized contractors involved in 21st-century exhibitions. The book is also useful and interesting reading for museum Trustees and Board members, volunteers, and all others who understand and enjoy the educational value of today's museum exhibitions. The Manual of Museum Exhibitions is particularly remarkable for its comprehensive scope, including evaluation processes, exhibition gallery requirements, and practical methods for each step in the planning, design, production, and project management of exhibitions. The final chapter surveys contemporary developments and presents a particularly impressive group of case studies that suggest possible directions for museum exhibition development in the new millennium. Visit the authors' web page
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