What is AboutRead?

The mission of Aboutread.com is to provide a free handy tool for book lovers, which allows them to discover, catalog, borrow and sell used books at one place. 

-Discover your next read based on Amazon reviews, book recommendation lists and awards winning lists.
-Check each book's availability at your home library with one click.
-Catalog your readings to different bookshelves.
-Sell used books locally by just adding them to the 'For Sale' book shelf, no need to upload images, input book descriptions.

The 'automatic' library catalog search service is provided by Link2Library Inc. Currently, more than 10,000 libraries have been configured, which covers about 95% population in United States and Canada. However, if you find that your local library is not registered, please contact Link2Library.


The founders of AboutRead.com believe that a good book can change a man's life like a good friend does. We wish that AboutRead would become a useful tool along your reading journey.


AboutRead is a property of Link2Library Inc.  

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