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AboutRead is striving to provide a free handy reading tool for book lovers, authors and teachers/librarians. 

Why join AboutRead?
If you are a reader, you can use AboutRead to: 1) organize your reading by adding books to different bookshelves; 2) send a book/ book list to your email (each book will have a Find in Library button so that you can check their availability at your local library  with your mobile device); 3) Add your used books to the 'For sale' bookshelf, we will feature it to the local trade corner so that users from your local community will have access to your post and your books will sold quickly; 4) like/follow other users, write review and more.
If you are a writer, you can easily find your books by searching your name, then add the resulted link to your website or social media so that the readers can borrow your books from their own library with just one click. Or you can create a bookshelf named 'Books by your name' and add all your books to it. At the same time, you can add your bio and your website by editing the bookshelf. Please check Author's corner to see how your bookshelf will look like. You can add this link to your website or forward the bookshelf to your readers  so that they can check the availability of your books at their local library with one click. We will feature it at Author's corner so that your books will get more exposure to more readers. We know authors sometimes are very busy, no worry, please send your bio (150-300 words) and your website link to [email protected], we will set up a bookshelf and add all your books to it for you. 
If you are a teacher/librarian, you can use AboutRead to recommend books to your students so that they can borrow the books from local library easily. Just create a bookshelf named 'Recommendations by teacher your name', we will feature it at teacher's corner so that more kids will benefit from your lists. Please check Teacher's corner to see how your bookshelf will look like. We understand teachers sometimes are very busy, no worry, please send your recommendation list, bio (150-300 words) and your website link to [email protected], we will set up a bookshelf and add your recommendations to it for you. 
Please join us by following the options at the top right corner. With one click of the “Sign in with Facebook”, “Sign in with Twitter”, or the “Sign in with Google” buttons, you are ready to go. You can also fill the registration form. AboutRead will send an activation email to you. In order to complete the process, please click the activation link in the email. If you do not receive the activation email, please check the Spam folder or double check if the email you provide is correct. 
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How to set your home library?
AboutRead automatically detects your home library. If the assigned library is not correct, you can reset it by clicking “Change City” link on the top of each page. If you can not find your library, please do not hesitate to contact contact Link2Library.
Set home library
How to make use of different buttons beside each book?
You will find Read Book Reviews, Find in Local Library, Add to My Bookshelf, Send to My Email and Buy it buttons associated to each book. Please explore these functions by following the instructions listed below.
Aboutread Book Buttons
Read Book Reviews
You can discover your next read on Aboutread by browsing Best sellers, New releases and Book lists or Bookshelves. Once a title draws your attention, just click this button to read the Amazon book reviews of the book.
Find in Local Library
If you want to borrow the book from library, just click this button to check its availability at your local library.
Add to My Bookshelf
By clicking Add to My Bookshelf, you can add a book to different bookshelves, such as To borrow, For sale, Have read or Wanted. You can also create new bookshelves by clicking the New Shelf link.
The ‘To Borrow’ bookshelf can work as a library ’shopping list’. You can email the shelf to yourself. A Find in Library button below each book will allow you to check any book’s availability at your home library with one click.
If you want to sell a book, just add it to the ‘For sale’ book shelf, it will show up in the local trade automatically. Other users will contact you by email if they are interested.
Add to book shelf
Send to My Email
By clicking this button, you can send any book or bookshelf you discover on Aboutread to the email address you provided during registration. Any book in the email will have a Find in Library button so that you can check its availability at your home library without logging in to Aboutread account.
Send book to email
Check price
If you want to check the price of a book, just click the Check price link.
Buy it button
How to write reviews, Follow other users or Like bookshelves?
You can use your Facebook account to add a comment to any book you like. By clicking the ‘Follow' Button shown below the user's name, you can follow that user. By clicking the 'Like' button beside the bookshelf, you will collect bookshelves you like.

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