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Alex Jakubowski is the author of Don Rosa - I Still Get Chills (2017).

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Don Rosa - I Still Get Chills

release date: Jan 01, 2017
Don Rosa - I Still Get Chills
Don Rosa is one of the world?s most popular cartoonists. For over 20 years he kept up the duck universe of his idol Carl Barks with his stories about Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck and the Beagle Boys Inc. He is adored for his detailed duck adventures. His biography, 'Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck', earned him immortality and an Eisner Award, the world?s most important comics prize.00But who is the man behind the ducks? "I STILL GET CHILLS!" knows the answers. It is published in honour of Don Rosa?s 66th and Scrooge McDuck?s 70th birthday. German public broadcast journalist, Alex Jakubowski, and Lois Lammerhuber, one of the best photographers of his generation, spent a lot of time with the star cartoonist on his fantastic, remote home in the wide reaches of Kentucky. Surrounded by one of the largest comics collections in North America, White Castle fast food memorabilia, amazing libraries of books, films and CDs, countless huge monitors, exquisite vintage cars and an enviable pinball collection, they talked for days in the artist?s studio, traced Don Rosa?s childhood on trips to Louisville and discovered the many facets of a man who has become almost as legendary as a passionate collector as he has for his art as a cartoonist.00And what?s more: Don Rosa himself lent a hand with this book, commenting on photos and drawings, creating typical Don Rosa quotes and turning it into a unique Don Rosa work.

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