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Debbie Roberts-Loucks is the author of Horse Sense for Leaders (2015) and Life Lessons from the Man Who Listens to Horses (2013).

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Horse Sense for Leaders

release date: Jun 06, 2015
Horse Sense for Leaders
"Prepare to learn about leadership from the experts...Horses!" Leaders today are faced with unprecedented challenges. Leaders have to build relationships that allow for easy transfer of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Horse Sense for Leaders: Building Trust-Based Relationships provides an engaging case study of inter-species trust between horses and humans. The book features the work of Horse Whisperer Monty Roberts, author of the New York Times bestseller The Man Who Listens To Horses. The book blends Robert''s work as a world leader of non-violent horse training with current research on the value of being a trust-based leader. This unique blend of research, anecdotal stories, and engaging models allows for an interesting and provocative read on how leaders can engage followers in more effective relationships at work.

Life Lessons from the Man Who Listens to Horses

release date: Mar 19, 2013
Life Lessons from the Man Who Listens to Horses
Life Lessons from The Man Who Listens To Horses is a fascinating journey through the life of New York Times bestselling author Monty Roberts. It is a companion field guide to the book, The Man Who Listen to Horses, The Story of a Real-Life Horse Whisperer. Monty Roberts has written a forward that will draw readers into his life''s work, and send them on a journey to reflect on their own life lessons. Several noted authors have contributed to the eBook, including Daniel Pink (Drive), Tom Rath (How Full is Your Bucket?), and Susan Scott (Fierce Conversations).This book retraces the path that Roberts took from the rodeo circuit to training thoroughbred racehorses for Queen Elizabeth IIof England. It offers keen insights about the value of rebounding from setbacks, why your personal vision matters, and how to persist beyond life''s challenges. Co-authors Susan Cain and Debbie Roberts-Loucks present six learning tools to apply learning concepts to real life. The book will help you find their best way forward, in an interesting field guide format. Many readers buy both books, The Man Who Listens to Horses and Life Lesson from The Man Who Listens to Horses, together. You will walk away from the book amazed at Monty''s life lessons, and energized to develop the next chapter in your life.

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