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Jeffrey Paul Lee is the author of Amusing (2013) and Genetic Incense (2005).

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release date: Dec 02, 2013
Amusing is the third book of sonnets published by Jeffrey Paul Lee. It further explicates the author's previous insights into the nature of life, the means by which we all cope with the often contradictory and non-rational character of what is perceived as reality, and the transitory nature of experiential modalities.

Genetic Incense

release date: May 01, 2005
Genetic Incense
In Genetic Incense, Jeffrey Paul Lee breathes fresh life into the traditional sonnet. He uses a highly conventional form to express unconventional insights into the nature of reality, the philosophy of perception, and the power of relationships. Laced with humor, cheeky wordplay, and movingly emotional observations, Genetic Incense paints vivid word pictures that relate the author's life experiences to worlds both real and imaginary that surround him. The trivial and the sublime are treated as equal dancing partners. The author offers a challenging and ultimately rewarding worldview that seeks to open new doors and to offer inspiration from, at times, the most unlikely sources. "And there you stood spellbound, eager and bright in Southwark, on a starry London night."

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