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John Pocsik is the author of Heart Throbs (1998-) #3 (2016) and Gangland (1998-) #2 (2013).

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Heart Throbs (1998-) #3

release date: Oct 13, 2016
Heart Throbs (1998-) #3
Three unorthodox tales of love and romance: A lovestruck female alien battles a siren planet for the affections of a handsome spaceman in ÒApposites AttractÓ (written by Simon Revelstroke, with art by Richard Corben); a beautiful time traveler serves up some poetic justice to a nineteenth-century Lothario in ÒMister RightÓ (written by Peter Milligan, with art by Eduardo Risso); and a retelling of ÒSleeping BeautyÓ includes an exploding princess, an uzi-toting prince and a witch with an elf fetish.

Gangland (1998-) #2

release date: Jun 12, 2013
Gangland (1998-) #2
In 'Platinum Nights' (written by Lucius Shepard and illustrated by James Romberger), a gangbanger embarks on a wild and dangerous Big Apple spending spree. In 'Big Shot' (written by Jamie Delano and illustrated by Randy DuBurke), a captain of industry revisits his brutal rise to power and braces for his own lieutenant's power move. And in 'Killer Smile' (written by Simon Revelstroke and illustrated by Richard Corben), a mobster revisits his Hell's Kitchen stomping grounds for a fateful encounter with his childhood pal.

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