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Johnny Mark Teague is the author of Living Your Way Out of the Mess (2019).

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Living Your Way Out of the Mess

release date: Mar 07, 2019
Living Your Way Out of the Mess
Mom dropped me off at the swimming pool. The 9 foot section of the pool was separated from the 5 foot section by a concrete wall that lay just beneath the surface of the water. You couldn't see it, but it was there. On this particular morning, I did what I always did. I crossed the wall, climbed the diving tower, and did a beautiful cannonball. Then it happened. I swallowed some water and began to panic. Literally, I began to drown. It wasn't like you see on TV where people are yelling "I'm drowning, Help me!" My drowning was going to be a silent death. I did all I could to get above the water, to start swimming, but I couldn't. I tried to get my head above the water, to get a breath, to get composed, but couldn't. I tried to cry to the lifeguard for help, but nothing came out. I could not do anything to get his attention. It wasn't his fault. To him, I just looked like a kid playfully bobbing underwater. To me, it was a violent fight for air, fighting to stay alive. After great effort, I surrendered to the fact that I was going to drown. I did the one last thing I knew to do. In my heart I prayed "Lord, Please help me". I swung my arm out a last time. My fingers skimmed that 9 foot, under-the-surface wall. I reached again. My hand grabbed it. I lifted myself up, pulled above the surface gasping for air. I held on trembling, breathing deeply. Finally my lungs relaxed, I was saved. God heard my cry. He had provided that wall. "Living Your Way Out of the Mess" is a wall people can grab hold and find the God who loves them. This book deals with the struggles of hardship, hurts, defeat, depression, divorce, death, relationships, chaos, sin, and addiction to name a few. Real-life stories are shared of how people faced the same things you face, and how they made it through. This will give you courage to know that you can live through the trials you face.

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