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Laura Goodwin is the author of Midgard Legends (2013) and Gender Issues in Symptom Perception (2009).

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Midgard Legends

release date: Jun 01, 2013
Midgard Legends
Midgard's Most Renowned Legends Come to Life! Bring dramatic history and wondrous myths to your game table: the legends of heroes, villains, monsters, and magic that define Midgard's most prominent regions. From the cold foothills of the Riphean Mountains to the burning lands of the Mharoti Empire to the brutal, wind-swept terrain of the Rothenian Steppes, these are the tales that have molded this world into a place of unrivaled wonder and mystery. Included are a host of legendary monsters, class archetypes, magic items, and artifacts, as well as: 23 Legendary Heroes, Villains, and Monsters suitable for any campaign. Five new spells straight from the spellbooks of the Black Sorceress of Crossroads and Aberus, first mage-lord of House Stross. Items of unbelievable power, including an intelligent crown that can impose its wicked will onto wearers. A new haunt that gives those living nearby impossible strength--and instills in them an unrivaled bloodlust. Complete stats for six incredible monsters and mythical figures, including Mharot, the hot-blooded dragon that forged an empire; Glatisant, the Questing Beast; and Jolinar, the unluckiest lucky man in Midgard. The heinous details of Blood Mother Margase, the mighty blood druid whose plans include godhood--and domination over all of Midgard! These are the Midgardians' most beloved tales, and they are a rich source for adventure hooks, character backgrounds, allies and foes. Use them with the Midgard Campaign Setting, or bring any of these legendary figures and magic items to your own world!

Gender Issues in Symptom Perception

release date: Jan 01, 2009

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