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Lisa Rooney is the author of Your Body, Yourself (1996), Symbol Meaning Glossary and Journal (2020) and Everyone Has a Six Pack (2013).

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Your Body, Yourself

release date: Jan 01, 1996
Your Body, Yourself
Discusses the various physical changes that come with adolescence in girls

Symbol Meaning Glossary and Journal

release date: Oct 29, 2020
Symbol Meaning Glossary and Journal
Why is this happening? What does it mean? Are you wondering why you keep seeing dimes everywhere or why you have been seeing a snake in your dreams? This glossary can help you figure out what it means to you. There are signs and symbols all around us. We receive them during the day, when we are meditating and when we are asleep and dreaming. The universe and the spirits around us are always trying to guide and support us, symbols and signs are their way of communicating with us. All we need to do is learn their language and we will be able to follow their guidance towards our successes. In this book you will find a glossary of symbol meanings that I have created over the many years of working with spirits to help my clients. Together with the journal you will be able to interpret the universe's/spirit's messages that you are receiving. And then follow their guidance. Bonus journal; also included in this book is a journal you can use to start working with your spirit guides. Once you know who your entourage is, it makes it much easier to work with them in order to receive messages and guidance from the other side. Which will help you move forward in your life and help you achieve all your successes.

Everyone Has a Six Pack

release date: Aug 31, 2013

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