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M T Anderson is the author of A Box of PERIL! (2021).

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A Box of PERIL!

release date: Jun 01, 2021
A Box of PERIL!
Three heroic middle schoolers face improbable monsters and evil masterminds in the “layered, beautiful, smart, and achingly funny…[i]n a word, brilliant” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) Pals in Peril series from National Book Award winner M.T. Anderson, now available in a collectible boxed set! Lily Gefelty is an average twelve-year-old girl. But her dad just so happens to work for an evil genius who plans to unleash an army of extremely cranky, stilt-walking, laser-beam-eyed whales upon the world. Lucky for Lily, her two best friends are anything but average. Both of them are famous for their adventures. Jasper Dash, Boy Technonaut, invents gadgets; Katie Mulligan spends her spare time fighting off zombies and were-goats. Surely they’ll know what to do. And if they don’t? Then it will be up to Lily—average, everyday Lily—to come up with a plan. A scourge of whales is only the start of this trio’s adventures. Will their smarts and teamwork be enough for them to defeat the evil beings on the rise…and escape Delaware? This zany, action-packed paperback boxed set includes: Whales on Stilts! The Clue of the Linoleum Lederhosen Jasper Dash and the Flame-Pits of Delaware Agent Q, or the Smell of Danger! Zombie Mommy He Laughed with His Other Mouths

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