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Morgan Gendel is the author of The Complete Book of Sleeping (1984) and Planet 6 (2019).

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The Complete Book of Sleeping

release date: Jan 01, 1984

Planet 6

release date: Jul 31, 2019
Planet 6
From the writer of "The Inner Light"... ...the episode of TV Hollywood Reporter recently called "Star Trek's most beloved story," comes a wild sci-fi adventure set on an Earth colony 300 years from now. Zed Hellfinger, age 19, has a problem. His Commandant wants him out of the corp. The opposition army wants him dead. And the thief known as The Chameleon, stealer of military secrets, needs to kidnap him to save his own skin. "Reminded me of the science-fiction stories from the '50s and '60s" "The sci-fi novels from that era really captured your imagination and told a grand story. That's the feeling I got while reading Planet 6. - Linda Zaruches, Science Fiction Event Planner and Senior Recruiter, GoDaddy In 2357 Earth has harnessed space-warping technology to colonize nine planets throughout the galaxy. Most of these are sparsely populated and are patrolled by the SkyRiders, an airborne military unit. When outworld intruders try to take over Colonial Planet 6-2 using stolen technology, it's up to our young hero to find the thief and prevent the outbreak of war. Zed trusts no one. He needs to speak to his Commandant alone. And so... "Zed didn't necessarily feel the bits and pieces that flashed into his consciousness congealing into a plan. Rather, one minute he was standing there, turned toward Commandant, and the next he was striding confidently to the Emergency Escape Module. Commandant was mid-pace and so missed seeing Zed fling open the door, step inside the 5-meter long module and yank down the manual lever to open the exterior hatch. Once exposed to airless space, anything not nailed down - including Zed, Commandant and their supply of breathable air - was launched toward the freezing cold vacuum of space. It was an extreme measure designed to get Zed and Commandant away from prying ears and hopefully not become dead in the process. Zed had exactly four seconds to act... With a nod to the Horatio Hornblower series of naval warfare novels, Planet 6 is the first of a multi-volume SkyRider Chronicles that will follow the humorously introspective and often insubordinate Zed Hellfinger as he rises up the ranks and is thrust into adventures across multiple planets. Morgan Gendel has written the perfect vacation book He's written for Law & Order, Star Trek: The Next Generation and The 100. He brought The Dresden Files to TV. He's co-written with Mark Hamill. Now, here comes his debut novel, a sci-fi adventure page-turner with a character whose exploits you'll want to follow for the next 20 years. And speaking of vacations... "Planet 6 by Morgan Gendel is a rapidly paced sci-fi adventure where even the hero's 'vacation' is filled with espionage, torture and deceit. Fans of the recent Marvel Star Wars comics will enjoy this, as would followers of military, sci-fi, adventure and espionage novels." - Mike Mann, co-host of the Making It So Star Trek podcast. Scroll up to the top and buy Planet 6 now!

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