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Steven Sears is the author of Journey to the Far West (2017) and Wealth and Asset Protection Strategies (2001).

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Journey to the Far West

release date: May 11, 2017
Journey to the Far West
This is a journey book that spans from Ireland to the Far Western United States. The Far West is tribal territory west of the Mississippi river. The main characters Eagle Hand, Git and Jack travel by foot and canoe living off the land and sleeping under the stars. Its an adventure of epic proportions.

Wealth and Asset Protection Strategies

release date: Jan 12, 2001
Wealth and Asset Protection Strategies
Who wouldn't want to have $2 million in the bank? Most people believe that it isn't possible to save that much money on their limited incomes, but by using the program outlined in Rich by Choice, it can happen for everyone. It doesn't take an investment analyst or economic forecaster to make this simple program work, just a desire to achieve a dream and live a full life.

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