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Betty Brock is the author of Ground Hog Holler (2011), No Flying in the House (1998) and The Shades (1973).

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Ground Hog Holler

release date: Aug 01, 2011

No Flying in the House

release date: Jan 02, 1998
No Flying in the House
Annabel Tippens seems like an ordinary little girl, with short blond hair and very good manners. But Annabel is actually quite unusual. Instead of parents, she has Gloria, a tiny white dog who talks and wears a gold collar. Annabel never wonders why her life is different, until one day a cat named Belinda tells her the truth -- she′s not just a little girl, she′s half fairy! But now that she knows the truth, will her whole life have to change?

The Shades

The Shades
Hollis is scared when he first comes to stay with Emily Peters. Then he discovers the magic of the dolphin fountain and meets the Shades, the shadows of all the people who have ever visited the garden.

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