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Brian K Vaughan is the author of Saga Box Set: Volumes 1-9 (2021).

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Saga Box Set: Volumes 1-9

release date: Nov 23, 2021
Saga Box Set: Volumes 1-9
BRIAN K. VAUGHAN and FIONA STAPLES have been hard atwork on the second half of Hazel''s epic journey. Exciting news is coming,and anyone looking for a cool new way to catch up on the Eisner Award-winningseries can look no further than this gorgeous box set, collecting all nine ofthe bestselling trade paperback collections in one affordable package. This isTHE perfect way for any "mature readers" who haven''t yet triedSAGA to dip their toes into this weirdly wonderful universe. Collects SAGA VOL. 1-9 trade paperback with aset of 6 x 9 cover prints exclusive to the box set!

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