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Relapse No More

release date: Sep 13, 2019
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Relapse No More
Is your addiction taking control of your life? Many men and women now find themselves as addicted to, or recovering from, addiction, whether it be alcohol and other drugs including prescription medication, shopping, sex, gambling, porn, or the internet. Many live their lives in the loop of recovery and relapse. Reclaim your life from alcoholism, codependency and other compulsive behaviors starting today. Use this tool to think about addiction and recovery. If you're recovering from substance abuse, the battle to stay sober and cravings and relapse may not be new to you. If you've been to rehab or addiction counseling and you are still struggling to stay on the path to sobriety, this book will be a good tool to carry on your way through recovery. Preventing relapse before it happens is the work of a successful recovery. This is an addiction recovery and relapse prevention daily workbook, notebook and prompt book. This addiction recovery daily workbook is one you can use to equip yourself with actionable strategies and coping skills to prevent relapse and succeed every day in recovery when faced with the busyness of life and the day-to-day challenges, stress, and triggers. If you're on your way toward recovery, this book can help you beat your addiction and get back to living a full, meaningful life. This book is designed to be used by individuals and families in recovery, addiction recovery programs, substance abuse rehab facilities, compulsive behavior counseling programs, recovery coaching programs among other programs, and most importantly you! Prevent relapse and support long term recovery for yourself and your family. On the long road to addiction recovery, you need as many tools as possible to help you stay sober and attain long term sobriety or recovery. This is a writing prompt notebook that can be used in two main ways. You can use this as a prompt book where you will write short sentences or short stories in response to the questions you will see each day. Another way is to use this as a writing note book where you write notes while in rehab, at work, home, school or church among other places. Whichever way you will use it, you it as a framework that helps you to stop your addictions and prevent relapse long term. You can live the life you've always wanted.


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