Best Selling Books by Elin Kordahl Saltveit

Elin Kordahl Saltveit is the author of Computer Fun for Everyone (1998) and Hit Enter (1999).

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Computer Fun for Everyone

release date: Aug 25, 1998
Computer Fun for Everyone
The fast, fun way to become a computer whiz! Do you love drawing, writing, or just playing games? Now you can have an even better time doing them on your computer. With the amazing activities in this book, you can become a spy, a newspaper reporter, even a comic book illustrator. And you can do it on any computer. With the click of a mouse and this fun-filled book, you will be able to draw pictures and create graphics, design books and a newspaper, exchange secret codes and write stories with your friends, and more—all without buying any special programs! You can also learn how to: Publish your own newspaper—complete with pictures Print play money (don''t try to spend it!) Create mazes, puzzles, and word games Invent all sorts of new computer projects of your own Draw maps for treasure hunts Chat with your friends through circular E-mail And more! So what are you waiting for? Start having more fun with your computer today!

Hit Enter

release date: Jan 01, 1999
Hit Enter
This book will show you how to use computers to teach core curriculum subjects in simple, effective ways.

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