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Gabriella Matta is the author of Switched Up! (DC Super Hero Girls) (2020) and Cinderella's Golden Locks (2007).

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Switched Up! (DC Super Hero Girls)

release date: Jul 28, 2020
Switched Up! (DC Super Hero Girls)
Wonder Woman(TM), Supergirl(TM), and the DC Super Hero Girls(TM) star in an all-new action-packed chapter book series! A mix-up in the school science lab causes outgoing Kara (Supergirl) to swap personalities and powers with super-shy Karen (Bumblebee), and things start going topsy-turvy in no time. Now Wonder Woman and the other DC Super Hero Girls are going to have to help them switch back before the super-villains find out and cause even more trouble. Along the way, the super heroes learn to see things from other people''s points of view. This illustrated DC Super Hero Girls chapter book series is packed with humor, action, and six-to-nine-year-olds'' favorite super heroes!

Cinderella's Golden Locks

release date: May 01, 2007
Cinderella's Golden Locks
Cinderella''s long golden locks can be styled into elegant hairdos with the help of adoring princess fans! This interactive board book includes an actual lock of Cinderella''s hair and an attached ''sparkly'' comb that will allow little girls to primp and prepare Cinderella for the ball.

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