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Graham Best is the author of Your Complete Guide to Building a Memory Palace (2019) and Zen Cones (2016).

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Your Complete Guide to Building a Memory Palace

release date: Mar 21, 2019
Your Complete Guide to Building a Memory Palace
Do you want to leverage your memory by over 700%? (Yes! Seriously!) See dramatic results in one evening by building a Memory Palace. Start using this powerful memory system immediately. Fun, easy, packed with entertaining activities and illustrations, this is the memory improvement book for you.Everyone can benefit by learning how to build a Memory Palace.Business persons-- gain that competitive edge and unleash confidence with a trained memory.Students-- children and adults! This strategy is fun and can easily be applied to learning history, a language, memorizing technical terminology and much more!Seniors-- protect your brain''s power with this simple mind training. You''ll see a dramatic short-term memory boost.This book will guide you step-by-step to build your own Memory Palace.

Zen Cones

release date: Oct 23, 2016
Zen Cones
In ancient Taoist legend Chuang Tzu dreamt he was a butterfly, dreaming it was a man, thereafter uncertain was he human or butterfly, waking or dreaming. Zen Cones revisits this riddle in modern form, pairing urban photography with spiritual text for a playful, sometimes prayerful, inquiry into the nature of self.

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