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Greenbridge Greenbridge Publishing is the author of Holiday Messages from the Obamas (2017).

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Holiday Messages from the Obamas

Holiday Messages from the Obamas
Holiday Messages From The Obamas is a literary collection of 19 powerful addresses delivered by former President Barack Obama to the nation during the 2008-2016 holiday seasons. This book is comprised of 9 Thanksgiving addresses, 9 Christmas addresses accompanied by former First Lady Michelle Obama, and concludes with the moving New Year's Eve address entitled "Privilege of My Life." These speeches are an intimate portrait into the Obama presidency reminding Americans of our shared values and that no matter our differences, we are still one people part of something bigger than ourselves. President Barack Obama, Obama An Intimate Portrait, obama speeches, Barack obama book, obama speeches, obama pete souza, An Intimate Portrait, obama gifts, Michelle Obama, Obama, The Historic Presidency of Barack Obama

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