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Jason Fruchter is the author of A Caricature History of the Presidents of the United States (2020), Backyardigans Music Player Storybook (2006) and DORA THE EXPLORER PHONICS (2005).

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A Caricature History of the Presidents of the United States

release date: Feb 15, 2020
A Caricature History of the Presidents of the United States
You''ve seen other books about the POTUS... but never anything like this! A Caricature History of the Presidents of the United States depicts a caricature portrait of all 45 presidents from Washington to Trump in the order they served office. Each president is painstakingly drawn with a level of detail and clarity never before seen in a book about the presidents of the United States. And as a special bonus, you''ll be taken "inside the artist''s studio" with a step-by-step tour of how the caricatures in the book were created. For each president, a dossier or fact sheet accompanies his caricature portrait. Basic information about the man, his family, and specific historical events that took place during his administration help the reader to get to know the president better. These include his date of birth and death (or his current age if he''s still alive), the years of his presidency, his political party, who his vice president and first lady were, and how many children (if any) he had. In addition, a paragraph summarizing the history of the president''s years in office follows every presidential caricature portrait. The presidents are depicted in a respectful way, but with a fun, whimsical point of view. These are not grossly distorted and exaggerated caricatures. Rather, it''s a fresh look at the famous and historical faces as seen through the artist''s unique lens. You recognize the faces, but in a fun and new interesting way! Certain features have been exaggerated, such as the size of the nose, the eyebrow thickness, and the ''''interesting" hairdos, especially from the early 1800s era. This book appeals to readers of all ages who are history buffs, art enthusiasts, fans of caricature, or all of the above! Elementary, middle, and high school students who are studying U.S. history will enjoy seeing the presidents depicted as a "cartoon" different than the traditional history books or other historical media they are accustomed to. College students and young adults who are familiar with the presidents from books, TV documentaries, movies, and other media will appreciate a new interesting take on the presidents that focuses on their individual unique characteristics. Adults and seniors who''ve lived through many presidents will appreciate how technology, style, fashion, and trends evolve through the generations and how the presidents reflect these changes in our society. The 45 presidents are divided into 9 chapters of 5 presidents each. These chapters break down the historical periods that spanned each presidency: 1) The Founding Fathers, 2) The Jacksonian Era, 3) Manifest Destiny and a Nation Divided, 4) The Civil War and Reconstruction, 5) The Gilded Age, 6) The Progressive Era, WWI, and the Roaring 20s, 7) The Great Depression, WWII, and the Cold War, 8) The Vietnam War, Domestic Strife, and Return to Prosperity, and 9) A New World Order. It''s fun to see each the president presented in a timeline that shows how the fashion styles have evolved over the years from frilly neckerchiefs, to satin bow ties, to Victorian era lapels and collars, to the modern suit and tie. It''s also interesting to note how the presidents posed for their portraits over the years. In the beginning they were very stoic, serious and sober expressions of concern and a sense of authority. Their mouths were closed. Later on in the era of mass media and television, the presidents posed more with a warm open smile showing their pearly whites.The reference for these portraits were all taken from paintings, drawings, etchings, photos, archived film footage, and video footage. Many sources were examined thoroughly before choosing the right portrait the artist felt depicted the unique quality of the person. Since these men were well known public figures most of their lives, many images exist showing them at different ages. The artist specifically chose portraits that depicted the president at the age he was during his presidency.

Backyardigans Music Player Storybook

release date: Aug 22, 2006
Backyardigans Music Player Storybook
"Join the lovable Backyardigans--Pablo, Tasha, Tyrone, Uniqua, and Austin--on a merry musical adventure in this colorful Music Player storybook ..."--Cover back.


release date: Sep 30, 2005

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