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Karen Haag is the author of Healed For His Glory (2020) and Thinking Out Loud on Paper (2008).

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Healed For His Glory

release date: Sep 22, 2020
Healed For His Glory
Karen Haag enjoyed her life as a wife and mom of three children. Her days were filled with caring for her family, crafting, and church activities. One day, Karen noticed something was wrong. An insidious pain, which began in her hands, soon took over her body. Suddenly, and dramatically, her lifestyle changed. Karen traipsed from doctor to doctor, searching for a diagnosis and then treatment. The diagnosis was Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, or RSD, a rare and chronic pain disease for which there is no cure. Eventually, Karen was stable; however, she depended on a cocktail of medications just to endure her new normal. Life was a daily struggle, balancing on a tightrope between doing too much or doing too little. Eighteen long years of suffering left Karen learning to cope the best she could. God began working dramatically in her heart during this season. She soon found herself praying, fasting, and studying the Bible, all of which led her to personal renewal and spiritual revival. Then, in an intimate moment with God, Karen heard Him say, "I''m going to heal you." And He did just that! Karen shares her story of suffering and healing, including her personal struggles, with biblical perspective and insight. Karen penned this memoir as a result of her desire to give God all the glory for her healing.

Thinking Out Loud on Paper

release date: Jan 01, 2008
Thinking Out Loud on Paper
Presents a variety of lessons and activities to help students create a daybook to help them organize their thoughts.

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