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Kolanovic Dubravka is the author of The Not So Scary Story (2021).

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The Not So Scary Story

release date: Aug 05, 2021
The Not So Scary Story
Bear has just moved into a new neighbourhood, but is not made to feel very welcome. He only goes out at night, and does not talk to anyone. Cue detective Oscar swooping in to find out more about the mysterious Bear. The neighbours think that Bear might be a vampire! He wears a long black cloak, and seems to hate the daylight. Oscar takes it upon himself to protect the neighbourhood and follows Bear to discover whether he really is a vampire. However, on closer inspection, he discovers that Bear is just very shy and just wants to make friends. This heartwarming picture book will teach children not to judge others based on their appearance, and that it is what is on the inside that truly matters!

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