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Kristen Bell DeTienne is the author of Guide to Electronic Communication (2002).

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Guide to Electronic Communication

release date: Jan 01, 2002
Guide to Electronic Communication
This concise, practical book is for you if you want to be more effective is using technology to communicate with other people. You will learn how to . . . Use advanced internet search techniques to find the information you need Take advantage of the features on your computer to write more efficiently and effectively Write and deliver successful email messages Create computer-projected visuals to enhance your presentations Design effective, audience-centered web sites Find a new jab using a computer-scannable resume and online job boards Understand current trends in electronic communication and how they will affect you Decipher some of the confusing words used to describe electronic terms Like all books in the Prentice Hall Guides to Advanced Business Communication series, this book is . . . Brief: summarizes key ideas only Practical: offers clear, straightforward tools you can use Reader-friendly: provides easy-to-skim format Reviews of the core concept book for the series, Guide to Managerial Communication by Mary Munter --Listed by the Wall Street Journal as one of the five business "books you shouldn't miss." --"Really a gem." Former managing editor, Harvard Business Review --"Short, compact, practical, and readable ...I liked it immensely." Journal of Business Communication

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