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Lane Roathe is the author of Tome Of Copy Protection (2018).

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Tome Of Copy Protection

release date: Jun 26, 2018
Tome Of Copy Protection
Copy protection is designed to keep people from making copies of a disk. Because of the complexity and ''hidden'' aspects of copy protection, most people have little or no idea how this protection works. The "Tome of Copy Protection" is designed to help you understand what is going on with your protected Apple II disks, and possibly show you how to copy them, or create your own copy protection scheme. The principles discussed can be applied to other computer systems. Highlights Include: Detailed discussions of Disk II Mechanics, Disk Structure, Reading and Writing Data, Analyzing Bits, Bit Insertion, Invalid Bytes, Nibble Counting, Nibble Editor Configuration, Self Sync, and the Elusive Sync Bit. Features source code, documentation and tips for over 25 unique programs such as NYBBLER - a multi-function nibble editor. Forwards included from legendary game developer John Romero, plus disk guru and Applesauce creator John Morris.

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