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Libby LaManna is the author of Mini Pie the Spy (2014).

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Mini Pie the Spy

release date: Aug 04, 2014
Mini Pie the Spy
It''s finally summer break, and eight-year-old Meggie Malone is ready to zoom around sticking hilarious Post-Its on Grandma''s behind and eating nothing but lime-green cupcakes. However, when Mother receives a mysterious phone call, Meggie, AKA Mini Pie the Spy, uses her fabulous detective skills to eavesdrop and soon finds herself wrapped up in the case of the Disappeared Keys. Meggie tags along to clean houses with Mother and soon realizes she is in way over her head. How can she expect to solve a mystery when she''s constantly interrupted by tickly feather dusters and slippery egg yolks? Meggie fears she''s not cut out for the house cleaning business-so she sticks to what she does best: solving mysteries. Mini Pie the Spy to the RESCUE!

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