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Maciej Kranz is the author of Building the Internet of Things (2018).

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Building the Internet of Things

release date: Mar 12, 2018
Building the Internet of Things
This powerful workbook is a companion to the New York Times bestselling guide: 'Building the Internet of Things, ' by Maciej Kranz. Frontline business and operations managers charged with implementing Internet of Things (IoT). projects can use this simple playbook with a checklist of considerations before, during and after launching a first or subsequent IoT project. Consider it an instructional companion to 'Building the Internet of Things.' Like drawing by numbers, it helps connect all the right dots while you embark or expand on your IoT journey. This workbook includes interactive activities that will help you assess your IoT idea, evaluate the readiness of your technology and team, create a project plan, pull the various pieces and people together, and keep them going forward. Don't miss the uniquely valuable ROI Calculator. These exercises should be fun, fairly quick and useful for anyone passionate about capturing the potential value of IoT. You don't have to be an engineer to complete it. This can be a standalone workbook, but more context, insight and results can be gained by first reading, 'Building the Internet of Things.' After all, isn't that what IoT is all about collecting data, analyzing and creating value from it? Who is the workbook for? Anyone within an organization who is eager to take advantage of IoT. While the process of implementing a first or next IoT project involves a number of people, the initial impetus is not confined solely to business leaders, but also operational, technical and line-of-business influencers and decision-makers at all levels. What is the purpose of the workbook? To help the reader identify, plan, implement and assess the outcome of a first or next IoT project. The project can serve as a model for further IoT adoption across the organization. How does it work? It provides a combination of checklists, scores, questions, guidance and notes to help take your IoT project and your career from a concept to a successful outcome. By working through each section, you will be able to articulate your IoT opportunity; assess your readiness; create a plan for implementation and achieve your goals.

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