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Manuela Razzi is the author of Disney Fairies #19: Tinker Bell and the Flying Monster (2016) and Sybil the Backpack Fairy #3: Aithor (2012).

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Disney Fairies #19: Tinker Bell and the Flying Monster

release date: Dec 27, 2016
Disney Fairies #19: Tinker Bell and the Flying Monster
Tink and Cheese, the mouse, discover a terrifying creature in the woods: a flying monster! All the fairies flee when they see the monster coming, but the monster is not what it appears to be at first. Tinker Bell and her fairy friends discover the true meaning of friendship in this collection of stories from the heart of Pixie Hollow.

Sybil the Backpack Fairy #3: Aithor

release date: Dec 24, 2012
Sybil the Backpack Fairy #3: Aithor
Having a fairy friend can be fun, but it''s not easy. When Nina first met the fairy Sybil and her companion Pandigole, she had no idea the fate of the world would end up resting in her hands. After her defeat in SYBIL THE BACKPACK FAIRY #2, the black fairy Amanite has teamed up with the King of Evil, Aithor, planning to destroy the "trees of life" that are found throughout the world of the Fairies. If these trees are destroyed, not only will the fairy world fall, but the world of humans, as well. In response, the King and Queen of the fairies charge Sybil and Nina with the task of stopping Aithor and Amanite, as Nina gets closer to discovering the truth behind a mysterious prophecy that seems to foretell her future.

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