New Release Books by Nancy Carpenter

Nancy Carpenter is the author of Itty & Bitty (2006), Student and Teacher Focus Groups (1996) and Loud Emily (2003).

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Itty & Bitty

release date: Jun 15, 2006
Itty & Bitty
Two miniature horses tell how they are different from each other and from regular-size horses.

Student and Teacher Focus Groups

release date: Jan 01, 1996

Loud Emily

release date: Jun 02, 2003
Loud Emily
Emily doesn't mean to be loud. But whenever she says anything in her Emily voice, windows crack, plates shatter and the neighbours can't believe their ears! It seems like she'll never fit in until she sees a sign that says, LOUD HELP NEEDED NOW. And so climb aboard with Emily and set sail for an adventure on the high seas with whales, storms, ships and a little girl with a very big voice.

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