Best Selling Books by R L Stine

R L Stine is the author of The Dare (2008) and Dead Lifeguard (2012).

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The Dare

release date: Jun 30, 2008
The Dare
Johanna Wise has always longed to be part of Dennis Arthur’s rich, popular crowd, and she can’t believe it when he finally asks her out. She thought she’d do anything to keep Dennis, but when he dares her to kill their teacher, she’s not so sure. Will she really kill for love?

Dead Lifeguard

release date: Dec 11, 2012
Dead Lifeguard
Are you afraid to walk down Fear Street? maybe you should be. They say that weird things always happen on that dark and twisting road. They say it's a place to be frightened of--that those who go there never return the same. And some never return at all...

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