Best Selling Books by R L Stine

R L Stine is the author of Killer's Kiss (2005) and College Weekend (2012).

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Killer's Kiss

release date: Jun 01, 2005
Killer's Kiss
Rivals throughout their whole lives for the best grades, friends, and boys, Delia and Karina both set their sights on the attractive Vincent, and Karina decides that if she cannot have him, no one will.

College Weekend

release date: Dec 11, 2012
College Weekend
Are you afraid to walk down Fear Street? maybe you should be. They say that weird things always happen on that dark and twising road. They say it''s a place to be frightened of--that those who go there never return the same. And some never return at all... They says its a place where dark and evil things happen...even under the bright summer sun. Discover how dangerous summer vacation can be in the three FEAR STREET books of this special Collector''s Edition!

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