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Ronald Re is the author of The DiLingo Affair (2021).

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The DiLingo Affair

release date: Oct 11, 2021
The DiLingo Affair
The diLingo Affair When Tony diLingo dies from a heart attach he names his "blood brother" Liam Rooney as sole heir, and executor of his estate. Tony was the last surviving member of the diLingo family. The diLingo's originally became bankers in the early 1600's, with their clients being the pirates, and privateers of that time. Liam is now charged with closing out an estate which contains a vast amount of assets belonging to those who originally opened them more than three centuries ago. The current value of 14 different accounts is $132.5 Billion dollars US. Liam must return to the current owners those assets, currently located in safe deposit boxes through out the world. Adding to the complexity, he must do these close outs in a most confidential manner. Because of unknown conditions which might involve tax and legal issues, it is critical that the close out of the accounts be done in a stealthy manner to protect the true owners of those accounts. Liam has been charged with completing this within 120 days of the death of Tony. Tony's final advice was "no mail, no trail, no jail, no bail. Failure to complete in this timeframe has a potential penalty. That penalty is "DEATH" These 14 existing accounts currently fly completely under the radar, and must remain so. Liam and his friends develop a plan to accomplish the requirements, hopefully within the 120 time frame. Of major concern are the offshore safety deposit boxes in Abu Dhabi, and Beijing. With the assistance of four friends Liam sets out to accomplish his task within the alloted timeframe. Join them as they plan for the aquisition of the accounts, and then the plan to return them in a manner that does not jeopardize their lives or the heirs of the original pirates who opened the accounts.

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