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Walter Bosley is the author of Paranoia Magazine (2018).

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Paranoia Magazine

release date: Jul 30, 2018
Paranoia Magazine
In this issue: - The True History of the Bell? "Did the Nazis really invent this UFO?" - Space:1969 "A new angle has landed." - An Andrew Basiago Presidency: How Would That Look? " - Beyoncé, Twitter and the Magical Mystery Twins " Occult celebrity symbology through social media." - Synthetic Telepathy and the Early Mind Wars "Biological amplification using pulsed microwave technology." - An Olympian Manifesto "Is there growing disharmony within the Cosmos?" - The Truth About Aging Mind-Kontrolled Slaves "Are MKULTRA survivors truly free from their programming?" - Confessions of an Art Director "Reveals how the power of advertising can be propaganda." - Breaking Propaganda in Novels and Movies " Mainstream media and entertainment are used by intel agencies."

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